We Are Dedicated to Helping People Achieve Individual Financial Freedom

What We Do

NNI Certified Practitioners

We show people how to take over the banking function of their money in their lives using the Infinite Banking Concept, or IBC.  All of us must keep our money somewhere…  in a bank, under the mattress, or… inside a tax-free, private asset that is protected from probate. These methods are achieved using dividend paying whole life insurance contracts. As a NNI Certified Practitioner (There are some 270 in the US and Canada), we “disassemble” off the shelf contracts and rebuild them in a very specific way to drive tremendous cash value back into the contracts on day one. The contract owner has full access to nearly all their cash values. We structure a “banking system” whereby the policy owner has full use, access, and control of their money. Funds can be structured to transfer electronically in as little as 2 business days with no questions asked.  Typically, we can drive 60-90% of their premiums paid into cash value.

IBC Examples

Limitless possibilities to how your cash can be used

  • Build a family or business budget using cash from your contract and cut the banks and credit card companies out entirely.
  • Many parents are saving for their children’s educations. The FAFSA labyrinth requires disclosure of almost all assets. You could have $1,000,000 in cash value for that purpose, and not a dime is reportable on the FAFSA, thereby substantially lowering your EFC or “Expected Family Contribution”.
  • A typical 48-month car loan at 5% costs 21% in interest year 1, roughly 16% year 2, and on… An IBC loan is simple interest year one, then compound annually thereafter. Funding your own loan with IBC saves thousands.
  • There are techniques available to pull qualified money out to buy real estate, pay the IRS off, and amortize that tax bill cost over a 30-year period. Done correctly, you can “recover” all taxes paid into cash values inside 15 years.
  • Use IBC to take down debt, substantially reducing interest costs.

Benefits of the IBC System

Here are just a few:

  • Tax free growth and distribution, even while using funds
  • Protected from probate
  • Nearly immediate access to cash
  • Credit scores or ratings do not matter
  • Private transactions
  • Funds used not reportable to the IRS
  • Assets not reportable on FAFSA
  • Can own contracts with insurable interest on another if you are uninsurable
  • Guaranteed cash value growth
  • Can serve as an emergency funds account
  • One contract doing “many jobs” simultaneously
  • Holding place for cash windfalls
  • Forced savings account
  • Far safer than a traditional bank. Qualify as Tier-1 capital FOR the banks