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Who We Are

We Discovered financial freedom

Flightpath Financial is a company dedicated to individual financial freedom, using the methods taught by my mentor, Nelson Nash, who founded the Nelson Nash Institute (NNI, Birmingham, AL). We show people how to take over the banking function of their money in their lives using the Infinite Banking Concept, or IBC.  All of us must keep our money somewhere…  in a bank, under the mattress, or… inside a tax-free, private asset that is protected from probate.

Key people

We are dedicated to individual financial freedom


John T. Urbik, IBCP

For 30 years, I’ve been fortunate to fly airplanes around the world professionally, benefiting from an aerial perspective that few ever see. From the majesty of ice canyons near the North Pole under a spectacular sea of stars… to windswept deserts baking in the heat flying 200 feet above the ground at 390 knots. Extreme flying teaches you very quickly what is real and what is not. What works, and what doesn’t. Over the past 15 years, taking the best that we could learn from the finest people we’ve known, Flightpath Financial is a company who, at its core, places excellence, competency, and integrity above all else.


Antoinette A. Urbik

Antoinette A. Urbik leads the way for so many women who need the life changing financial opportunities IBC offers.

A business executive and owner for many years in the beauty industry, she brings her unique ability to fully engage and  communicate genuine warmth with everyone she meets. As the mother of five successful children she raised with John, she has her finger on the pulse of the challenges American families face today.